December 19, 2016

Traveling Paris in Two Days (day 2)

Musee du Louvre

After exploring Paris on the previous day, we decided to reduce the places  where we want to visit. Maisha very tired of having to walk back and forth. Today we will only visit
the Musee du Louvre just to see the very famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa.
As usual after breakfast we set off. Because this morning is the time you check out of the hotel the morning that all goods should be brought along with us. It is conceivable if the stuff have to carry it everywhere when we traveled, tired and complicated course.Fortunately, the items we carry only two pieces of aircraft cabin size bag. But are we still going to carry two bags for a walk? Of course not, because in Gare Montparnasseare have deposit box (locker / consignes)Find Your Hotels here

There are 3 types of sizes locker at Montparnasse station:
1. Locker small size of  5.5
2. Locker size medium  7.5
3. Locker full size  9.5

The length of storage time is one day (24 hours). At that time we only use a small size locker and found two bags we carry can enter with certain settings. How to use thelocker is not difficult. Follow these 5 easy steps to operate a locker at the GareMontprnasse.

Steps:1. Open the locker door, make sure there is no indicator (hors service) red light next  to the locker. It is a sign that the locker is in the repair or can not be used.2. Enter the items to be deposited into the locker.3. Close the locker door and then lock it by rotating the lever cover. Once the door is locked you will be redirected to the payment. Put coins amounting written on it.4. Once payment is received, the machine will give you a ticket that contains the location (locker number) and the code to open it later retrieval.5. To collect the stuff, enter the code numbers listed on your ticket and the door will open by itself, voila.Note: Locker is not give a change, so prepare the exact fare or change your money in exchange machine is available there. Keep your tickets locker or you'll rush it. It's good sheets photographed tickets with mobile phones or other devices, better recorded on a piece of paper manually.After entrust the goods, proceed back. We went down to the metro station and take the M13 majors St.Dennis, get off at the station Champs Elysees Clemenceau metro line and moved to Chateau de Vincenes M1 majors, fell at Palais Royal-Musee du Louvre just across from the museum.

Before entering Musee du Louvre

This visit is not my first visit in the Louvre. My first visit here was last year just some sort trip. This time was a special trip for the three of us will get into the museum to see the famous Mona Lisa painting.After passing the inspection of our belonging then we headed the counter purchase museum tickets. Museum admission price for adults is € 15/ person, children not be charged.

In front of the pyramid of Louvre

Museum is divided into sections based on the collection on display. But it seems it takes a whole day to go through each section of the museum. Therefore we decided straight towards the Mona Lisa on display, that is on the Denon.The atmosphere of the museum when it was not so crowded as usual, probably due in December and has entered the winter. We entered the room after room, the stairs we climb. The hallways are lovely typical European building decorated with statues and paintings with great lighting. As I walked the path to the Mona Lisa, we have a special showroom which displays a collection of Islamic Art (Islamic Art).

Inside The Louvre

Before entering the last room where the Mona Lisa on display, we passed a long hallway which also contains many paintings on the walls of the right and left. If you've seen the movie Tom Hank titled Da Vinci Code or the latest film released in 2016 Inferno, you will feel included in the atmosphere of the film.

Mona Lisa at the back

Finally, when the wait. Look directly Mona Lisa at the Musee du Louvre. Painting is displayed at a special wall right facing the entrance. Visitors crowd in front of the Mona Lisa. It turned out that the Mona Lisa was not as big as I imagined. When I was little my neighbors had the replica monalisa paintings on display at his home, did not think I could watch the original painting in the Muse du Louvre, Paris. The paintings are very beautiful.The clock in the Musee du Louvre show at 16:00 pm, we had to get back to the Gare Montparnasse to take goods that were previously deposited and wait for a train TGV destination La Rochelle at 5pm. The train arrived on time and we were heading to La Rochelle.
Feeling tired at Louvre

That last note of our trip for 2 days in Paris, I hope you all meyukainya. If you're planning a visit to Paris, hopefully this short note I could be additional information.

Suggestion :Paris is a great city, a city visited by tourists from different countries. Cities like this usually have a lot of problems with security. Fraud is a common thing here. Many modes that people use to cheat, such as:1. Deceptive mode with wearing a bracelet made of rope, first they will offer a wrist strap, but if we reject them would say "honor this place" and you will be stuck in their incitement. Once the bracelet worn on your wrist then they will ask for money instead.2. Fraud by mode "signature for humanitarian foundation". Mode as this is usually done by young women who carry a sheet of paper contains many columns. When you are stuck for a signature, then they will ask for a donation amount of money.Their targets are usually foreign tourists from outside France. Travellers Asia is the most widely targeted, because they usually carry cash. To avoid this trap I had a special way that is quite powerful. The trick is never to respond to people using French or English. Use the language of your country, or better yet use the language of your village area. This way hopefully they do not understand and will be reluctant to continue the action. Usually they will ask where it came from us (using the English language). Make no mistake, they use English to ensure that potential prey they understood and could speak English.How the above is based on my own experience, twice visited Paris. The first time I get caught by fraudsters who use rope bracelet at a tourist spot Sacre-Coeur, MontmartreAt that time I was forced to hand over a piece of money USD $ 2, my favorite as I got while working in America a few years ago. How come? After successfully applied bracelet on my wrist, I suddenly felt it was surrounded by them (as cover).Do not separate from your group, please bring less items and keep an eye on your belongings. Do not expose your stuff excessively. That's the advice from me, hopefully your trip safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Regards.

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