December 19, 2016

Traveling Paris in Two Days ( Day 1)

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Departing from La Rochelle on Saturday afternoon at 14:25 with using the TGV fast train alone with my child toward Paris. Does not need 
a long time the train has arrived at the Gare Montparnasse, Paris at 17:50 o'clock in the afternoon, it only takes 3.5 hours to cover a distance of 471 km. Two times faster than a train ride from Yogyakarta to Jakarta within 526 km.

On arrival at Gare Montparnasse my wife was already waiting and we went straight toa restaurant which is located just a few meters away from the station to pick up our dinner which was already booked in advance.

Since it was quite a night and still felt tired because of the trip by train before we finally decided to go directly to the hotel. Hotel which we lived for in Paris is the Hotel Ibis, located at Porte de Clichy. Quite far indeed from Monparnasse. To get there we used the metro direct from Gare Montparnasse Line M13 off at Porte de Clichy, roughly 7 times stop. In addition to fast, using the metro transportation cheaper. With the € 14 we get 10 tickets. Cheaper than buying a ticket units. On arrival at the metro station Porte de Clichy we still have to walk about 300 meters to get to the hotel. Find Hotels Here.

Because the location is quite far from the center of Paris so we could get a cheap room price is € 60 / night. With the price of it we get a fairly large room, bigger than the Ibis Montparnasse, that prices may have reached € 90 / night. Finished our check-in directly eating "Ayam Afrika" .  Ayam Afrika not the real name, because of its large size, the chicken of some Indonesian is called Ayam Africa. A grilled chicken with a sauce that is very tasty and very spicy sauce. With the price of € 14 can be eaten three of them, already including rice and soup, great food. After dinner immediately go to bed.

Traveling day 1
(Cruising Paris by Bateaux Bus/ water taxi)

The next day we finished breakfast directly heading for the city center. Using our M13 bolted metro line and get off at the Champ Elysees Clemenceau metro line to then move on M1 destination Chateau de Vincenes, get off at the metro station Hotel de Ville. From this trip our tour began. 
Hotel de Ville

Why choose Station Hotel de Ville? Because at this dismissal are one of the Bateaux Bus station (water taxi) which today we'll use to get around Paris through Seinne River. After buying a ticket one day pass for € 17 / person (there are discounts for children) we direct the boat ride. This boat will stop at nine stations that point where each station is a tourist destination and the total travel points that can be visited in 9 stations are 58 locations. The next boat will depart every 40 minutes. In one day we could hop on hop off at will. From 10a.m to 7p.m. Make sure you do not miss the next boat, because you have to wait 40 minutes then just go there again.

View from the boat

The first stop is Musee d'Orsay. Had time to get a look but did not get into the room where the paintings on display. It seems less attractive to us and decided to come out with the next boat to continue the journey towards Notre Dame (a church in the middle of the river Seinne). There we decided to go inside the church to see the beauty of the architecture of this historical building. 
Notre Dame de Paris

Right in front of the entrance of Notre Dame there is a circle shaped stone called Zero Point des Route de France, which is a marker point 0 km France. From where it all started. Some people believe if set foot on this rock, then wish would come true, the most widely believed that anyone who set foot on the rock of the Zero Point then he will return to Paris. Believe it or not that's what my wife a few years earlier when visiting Paris. She set foot on the rock, and by 2015 this is my wife back to visit Paris took me and our daughter. Of course, all of that with the permission and will of God, because without His will we never got here. 

Point Zero Des Routes de France 

Finish set foot at Point Zero then we go to a restaurant right on the corner across from Notre Dame just for a cup of coffee, because we haven't got a sip of coffee since this morning. The price of a cup of coffee in the restaurant is quite expensive in our opinion. What a surprise when glancing at the menu on the table. For a cup of espresso valued € 3. This price is double the average price for a cup of espresso in the restaurant around the Vieux Port, LaRochelle. I am aware that this is a tourist place, it is definitely more expensive.

Eiffel tower from the boat

Aahh body feels immediately seemed more excited after beaten by capucino cost me € 6, and the trip continued. The next stop is Champ Elysees. Up in the dismissal of the Champs Elysees we got out and walked toward the L'arc de Triomphe. On the way there we passed the Marche Noel (Christmas market) along the Champs Elysees, very crowded as the night market. As the name suggests, this market there every month of December before Christmas. Lights twinkling Christmas decorations scattered along the Champs Elysees, graced the ranks of sellers shop trinkets, souvenirs and Christmas specialties. That night the air temperature in Paris recorded 6 degrees Celsius. The cold made us feel like pee, but not to worry because in France, especially in tourist areas are easy to find a public toilet. The public toilets is a paid course, € 0.80 hehehe. 

Not far from the toilet that is there is a typical French food stalls selling crepes, Churros and Vin Chaud (warm wine). Maisha our daughter particularly liked the churros. These foods are made from wheat flour made into dough is then molded to resemble a star-shaped vegetable squash lengthwise and then deep fried. Sold at a price of € 5 to 6 bar. Only with sugar sprinkled on it directly churros delicious to eat warm. To add Nutella chocolate topping for example, you just pay some extra money.

L'arc de Triomphe

Finally, we arrived at L'arc de Triomphe. Building that become one of icon in Paris on the Champs Elysees glitter tip. Maisha very exhausted walk up from early morning hours the day down Paris. We decided to review our journey finish tonight and return to hotel. Actually this is note the first time we visit here, assuming year ago when first time me and Maisha came to Paris. However that time i didn't  photographed in front of L'arc de Triomphe. And tonight before return to hotel I take a minute to review pictures taken modest.When heading back to Hotel, Feeling so hungry, we forget that today is Sunday, usually shops and restaurants in France, especially being away from the town center is not open. But luckily we found one, just right before the Hotel's building, there are a Japanese restaurant that open and we ended up there. The body of a full stomach and tired make us go to bed early.
.That's the story from day one in Paris. Thank you for visiting my blog. The story of day two in Paris will be post on the next chapter as : Traveling Paris in Two Days (day 2)

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