December 27, 2016

Traveling Nantes in One Day

It is just about week ago we went to Paris, France. Cruising The Beautiful Paris on a boat through Seinne River. This week, The SNCF (train company in France) offering low price train fares to travel Nantes, western France.

This is Christmas and beginning of winter 2016, traveling to Nantes with only €70
round trip for 3 persons by Intercites Train. This train is not as fast as TGV (express train) and took about 2.45 hours trip from La Rochelle – Nantes.

Arriving at Gare de Nantes, we go directly to the hotel by tram. This tram is available almost every 5 minutes. Just because we will stay in Nantes for only 1 night, then we just purchase 1 ticket that available for 4 persons and valid for 24 hours start from the first time the ticket punched to the machine.     

The Accommodation     

Novotel Nantes 

We have hotel reservation made at Novotel Nantes de Loire. This hotel is located in The Island of Nantes between The Loire River just across the bridge. To get there is very easy and reachable because the tram stop right in front of the hotel.

From The Train Station of Nantes we took the tram line 1 direction Francois Mitterrand, stop at the Commerce and change to the tram line 3 direction Neustrie, stop at the station Vincent Gache, right in front of The Hotel Novotel Nantes.

With the price that almost the same as hotel Ibis Porte de Clichy in Paris, we get bigger room with extra bed for my daughter and bathroom with bathtub. As a person who was working in a five stars hotel in Indonesia and Mega Cruise Lines in America, I can say that this hotel have excellent hospitality service. Bravo.

The Trip
This is a one day trip only since we arrived in Nantes almost at night. After check-in at the hotel and have a rest for some minutes we went to the centre ville (downtown). Using the same tram, stop at the Commerce and took a walk. It was 18.00 o’clock and we were hungry. We forgot that was Christmas holiday and most of the merchant were closed.

Luckily there was Indian Fast Food that still open and we had diner there. Next stop was Marche Noel (Christmas Market). This market is located at the place that have beautiful water fountain right in the middle. Me and Maisha was sitting by the fountain while my wife roaming the market and came back with a cone full of Marrons grilles (Chataignes Grillees) or Chestnuts Grill in English.

Marrons Grille

This Marrons Grilles is only €5, it is a kind of winter snacks, served while hot. You can find the merchant who sell marrons grilles mostly in winter season. And don’t forget the other favourite drink at winter which is Vin Chaud (Hot Wine) that you can enjoy together with the chestnuts grill. After that we got back to the hotel to have a rest.

Giant Robotic Elephant at L'ile de Machine

Next day morning we had little breakfast at hotel. A bucket of pastry for only €4 including a cup of coffee. Then check-out and put our belonging to the concierge to get it back later.
From the hotel we went to L'ile de macine. This is the place that has a robotic giant elephant as their attraction. Located by Loire River across the Anne de Bretagne bridge. Took the tram Line 1 direction Francois Mitterrand and stop by Chantier Naval. Unfortunately this site was closed due to Christmas Day. 

Our next stop was Chateau des ducs de Bretagne. Just near the Gare de Nantes but unfortunately this chateau was closed also due to Christmas. What can we do? All places were closed at Christmas day. It was not that bad, while we walked around the chateau we found one place with ice skating and was open. 

In front of Chateau des ducs de Bretagne

Not too far from this place there is restaurant that open at Christmas Day so we decided to had lunch there. I forget the name of this restaurant but the service was excellent, nice, warm and fast. We choose this restaurant because the previous restaurant that we wanted to had lunch were fully booked. 

Universite de Nantes

We had to visit one more place on our list which is Universite de Nantes. Located by the Loire River, two stop before Station Vincent Gache (Hotel Novotel nantes). After took a few picture at Unversite de Nantes we continue our way back to hotel. Right on time as we scheduled, it was 15.30 we took the tram to the station. Do you remember the tram ticket that we purchased at the first time arrived in Nantes? We purchased this ticket and validated it at 16.10 which means it will valid until the same time next day, which is the time we took the tram to the station. So only one ticket €8 for 4 persons in 24 hours, fair enough right?
Well, that was the story of our trip to Nantes. This city gave us good experience. Warm peoples and nice environment. France is not just Paris. You have to visit this place.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy it and wait for my next trip. 
Warm Regards.

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