December 16, 2016

Cruising Paris on Bateaux Bus (water taxi)

Eiffel Tower from the bateaux bus.
Paris, a city that never slept even an instant. Sparkling lights at night adorn the streets of the city and the reflection of moonlight on the surface of Seinne River that surrounding Notre Dame adds to the romance of the City of Paris.
Who does not know Paris? Very famous Eiffel Tower is the main attraction. A magnet is bewitching travelers from all over the world to see it up close, to preserve it even took her home.

To enjoy the city of Paris there are many ways that can be taken. The easiest way is to use the services Tour Operator. By using the services of a tour operator you do not need to think about the route to be taken and the type of transport is to be used for all has been provided by the operator. Need a Hotel in Paris?

For those who like adventure without time limit, of course, there are many means of transport that can be used to explore the city of Paris. One of them is by using the Hop On Hop Off Bus. By paying a ticket for one day tourists can go up and down at the point where they will be determined to then drive around at will.

For those who like to walk and not fear getting lost, can choose to use the Metro. With no limit to the metro range because this metro lines serve the public not the tourist track, but also passing through places of tourist destinations.
view inside the bus
Well, for those wishing to relax a bit and try to transport other than the other, there is no harm in trying Bateaux Bus (water taxi). Buses that serve these intangible boat along the Seine River with a 9 point of dismissal are: Hotel de ville, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysees, Beaugrenelle, Tour Eiffel, Musee O'Dorsay, Saints-Germain des Pres, Notre Dame, Jardin des Plantes. The rate charged for one day is € 17 per person. Bateaux bus with tourists can freely Hop On Hop Off at intervals of every 40 minutes. There are 58 tourist destinations in the ninth stop of this bus station bateaux. Advantages of using this bus bateaux is:

1. We can enjoy the city of Paris through the river.
2. Provide a different sensation than using other means of land transportation.

3. Seat comfortable, not crowded. 
   The bus operates from 10am until 7pm.

view outside the bus from the bateaux

Good luck and enjoy the Paris by Bateaux Bus  cruising Seinne River. The story of our trip for 2 days in Paris will continue in the next section, greetings.

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