May 03, 2013

Jamaica again and again :) Dolphin Encounter, Negril, Jamaica

Swim with StingRay, Negril, Jamaica
Ya man! 
Come back to Jamaica for many times not gonna make you become Jamaican, unless you speak "patois" Jamaican languange. Just kidding haha. This time i'm gonna tell you one photo story of my trip to Jamaica. Visiting Dolphin Encounter in Negril.
 This is a great opportunity for me because at this ages i have never touched a dolphin. Whatttt? yes,i've never touched a dolphin. What's wrong about that?
How to get there? Yeah that's a good question. We took a shuttle bus from Montego Bay to Negril. It was a nice ride with the reggae music played on a rasta sound system, and i fell a sleep. 
How long to get there? Whoat? Did you see the last sentence above? I fell a sleep, so i  didn't know how long to get there, you can ask the bus driver.
It was only 35$ per person ( snack and beer are included). That's the entrance fee for crew members :) . I don't know the price for regular guest. 
Woohooooo was so excited to jump in the water. But, before entering the poll we have to follow the rule.
1. No shoes
2. No blink-blink (jewelry)
3. No cameras
4. Wear life jacket
5. No sun glasses
6. No sun block
7. No problem :)
Touching The Dolphin, Negril, Jamaica

Then everybody jump in to water. We were devided 3 groups. Each group had 1 dolphin and 1 trainer. First the trainer asked us to make a line on the water as shown above. Put your arms at the front he said because the dolphin will swim thru your hands. In a seconds the dolphin swam thru our hands. Wow it's soft like a cat fish. Really, i don't tell you any lie.

Kiss by The Dolphin, Negril, Jamaica

Next attraction was "Kiss by Dolphin" waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This huge mammal is gonna kiss me, i'm ready hehehe. Before the dolphin kiss me, trainer gave me instruction: grap the life jacket with the hands, maybe this is the sign that we're ready to be kissed.

Ride The Dolphin, Negril, Jamaica

And this is the last attraction that i've been waiting for. Ya man! Swim with the dolphin,woohooooo. Just like The Aquaman, riding a dolphin and catch the bandits on the movie. This dolphin swim so fast, as fast as jetski. I wanna ride one more time but each person had only 1 chance. Too bad. Finished this attraction and we still have one more show which is "catch the rings" but i don't have the pictures to show. I know you wanna see those picture, Sorry for that. Maybe next time, i promise. 

Dolphin Encounter Staff, Negril, Jamaica
Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

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