July 29, 2012

San Gervasio Mayan Ruins, Cozumel Mexico

It was Wednesday we were in Cozumel, Mexico. We just finished shooting in gangway and had nothing to do. It’s hot, really hot, mexican say “mucho calor”.
Why don’t we go to mayan ruins in cozumel by jeep? Oh that’s a great idea! Then we collected 5 persons to join the tour.  Allan (England), Paul (Zimbabwe), Ryan (Philipines), Josipa (Croatia), Clara (South Africa) and me Sigit (Indonesia). We rent a Jeep for only $80/day. Allan the driver took us to San Gervasio. It’s a Mayan site in Cozumel Mexico. Why San Gervasio? Because it was the closes place we could visited during our free time, hahaha. You know what? We had only 2 hours for the tour.  And after that we had to go back to the job.
Departed from Puerta Maya ship’s terminal, we drove to San Gervasio. It’s about 15 minutes to go there. It was 5 pm and we thought the site has closed already. But we’re lucky that the site still open for the last minute. We just realized that the local time was 1 hour back, meant when our watch said 5 p.m, the local time was 4 o’clock p.m, so we still have time.

The entrance fee was around $8. Video camera and tripod are not allowed. If you bring your video camera then you have to leave your video camera to the counter and collect it back when you finish your tour. This site is not that big as Tulum The other  Mayan Ruins. We just need 1 hour to finished our tour.
Yeah, one site of Mayan Ruins we just visited. It was fun, it was cheap and joyful. See you to the next tour somewhere in the world .

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