October 12, 2009

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta or Porto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful place in Mexico. Puerto vallarta is a kind of tourist destination that cruise ships use to dock there. This is my first time to visit Puerto Valarta. I have visited others tourist destination in Mexico such as; Costa Maya, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan. But this place has beautiful view
. Café, bar and restaurant at the shore remind me about my favorite place in my country Indonesia, Bali. Many people going to the beach while sun set. They like to enjoy the cool sun set and take a picture with the bronze statues that placed by the side walk and great sand-work on the sand. The transportation to get there is cheap enough, from Puerto Vallarta Harbor to the beach it cost only 1$(mexican) or equal 50cent ( U.S ) one way. So we just only pay 1$( U.S ) for round trip. The most favorite place for me to visit is the chinese food restaurant. Just take a walk to the east about 50 meters. This chinese food restaurant provide many kind of chinese food, but my favorite menu is fried rice. Not just because it is delicious but cheap also. Only 7$ for fried rice and a glass of iced tea. Hhhmmmm …nice. So, se you in Puerto Vallarta some da
y. Adios……….

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