October 18, 2009

Jogja Java Carnival 2009

Jogja Java Carnival is an annual carnival to celebrate The Jogjakarta’s anniversary. This year, Jogjakarta celebrate the 253rd anniversary and held Jogja Java Carnival the 2nd on Saturday October 17th 2009.
Thousands of peoples came to the center of Jogjakarta City to see the show. Last Saturday Malioboro street were closed from 6 pm until the show has finished. More than 10 decorated vehicles and thousands of dancers involved into the carnival. Start from Abubakar Ali parking lot drove to the south through Malioboro street about 1.5 kilometers and then finished at Alun-alun Utara ( south square). At Alun-alun utara (south square) the decorated vehiches and dancers performed their performance in the front of honorary guests. The best and most spectacular show that peoples were waited was the fireworks show. Fireworks were launched in 4 points each corners of the square. It was about 15 minutes long the fireworks show hypnotize most peoples in the square. The show was finished at 22.00 .

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