October 14, 2009


It’s about 15 km to the west from the center of Yogyakarta city. Not too far from “Godean Market”, 15 minutes to the west.
Godean is located in Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia. Not just the view of hills, rice fields but also the view of the river that make me wanna go to ‘play’ with. Especialy the natural river with giant rocks on it. No body wash or do laundry on this river.Whatta nice panorama. Me and my wife don’t wanna miss this -set of nature-. Our photographer instinct drives us to take some pictures as much as we can get. We takes two places for the photo session. First set is on the river, giant rocks and the river itself makes the picture more rich in composition. Second set is the rice fields, dry soil, and corn fields. How lucky we are, the corn plants aren’t yellow yet, still green. Unfortunetly the sun is getting down and less light we get. So we decide to -wraped it up- and go back to reality.

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