December 26, 2008

NASSAU Bahamas

I’ve been here for many times. First time I visited Nassau Bahamas at my first contract with this cruise ship on April 2007. It’s a beautiful place. So many cruise lines visiting Nassau Bahamas every day such as: Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, etc.

]Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas
Me and friends are going to the Paradise Island together. We would like to visit Atlantis Hotel. I’m gonna tell you one thing, James Bond 007 has been here in his film "The Casino Royale".
We take a bus and stop by The Bridge of Paradise Island. Bus is cheaper than taxi, we have to pay $1 each. But we have to cross the bridge, it’s about 500 meters. If we use water taxi, we have to pay $8 each, round trip, but don’t need to cross the bridge because the water taxi stop by the end of the bridge. If we use taxi, we have to pay $3 each, one way and the taxi will drop you straight to Atlantis Hotel.
Here we are, in Atlantis Hotel. I can’t wait to see the aquarium. Entering The Atlantis I see many kind of luxurious yacht parking there. Yeah man, it’s a paradise for them (the high class) to escape from their daily activities. Many kind of souvenir shops are available. Restaurant and café with live reggae music are also available there. We are passing the casino on the way to the aquarium. Now we are entering the aquarium. Wow that’s awesome, aquarium in the wall populated with so many kind of fishes, many species. From big fish to jelly fish. I see a giant black manta ray swimming so smooth, octopus, etc. The most interesting thing in the aquarium is the aquarium of sharks, we are not just can see the shark form outside but from inside, how? There are is a building, replica of the mayan temple above the shark’s aquarium, with water slide down trough the middle of the aquarium. I can’t try this water slide because it’s closed this moment. This is the first time I visit The Atlantis Aquarium.
Chinese Food
On the way back to the ship we walk down the Bay Street. In the middle of the way there we get dinner in VIP Chinese Restaurant, actually there are a few Chinese restaurants but we choose VIP because placed on the Bay Street. VIP is a favourite Chinese restaurant for the crew member in Nassau Bahamas. With $3 we can get 1 small box of fried rice. Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or mix are the flavors you can choose.
Free Wireless Internet Access
Nassau Bahamas is a paradise for crew members. There are free wireless internet accesses available. Supported by local Bahamian telecommunication such as; BTC. Crew members use to spend their time prior to work or after finishing their duties. Every body can use this free access including cruise ship passenger.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

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