December 01, 2008

Grand Turk Island, the island that reminiscent of Turkish fez

It was a special cruise. Costa Maya Mexico the destination that we used to visit every Friday on the second week hit by Hurricane Dean in August 2007 and sustained heavy damage. This cruise ship reroute it’s destination to this island and took me there. Grand Turk Island is the name.
Located in The Caribbean and belong to the United Kingdom. Grand Turk Island is an Island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The name comes from a species of cactus on the island, the Turk’s Cap Cactus (Melocactus intortus), which has a distinctive cap, reminiscent of a Turkish fez
(source: ).
Step down the ship gangway and you can look toward straight to the beach. It’s very close to the cruise ship pier. Walk down through the pier and you’re gonna meet the entrance of this paradise. First you will find a kind of shopping plaza. Many kind of souvenir are available such as; t-shirt, key hanger, perfume, cigarette, liquor, watches etc. Step out of this area you will see so many stores ; Margaritaville, Pirana Joe, and many more.
Just close from those stores there is a pool that people can swim. Not only swim they could do but drinking and party because it’s near by the bar (pool bar). The pool bar provide all kind of beverages and organize games and party for their guests.
Me and my friend Nurdiansyah continued to explore this place and finally arrived at the beach. Beautiful beach with white sands and blue water just side by side to the cruise ship. The beach crowded by peoples, swimming, sun bathing or just play beach volley. It is very hot man!, you better use sun block and wear sun glasses to protect your eyes from the reflection of the sun on the sands.
Finally I had to back to the vessel, I haven’t slept that morning and got work night shift. See you to the next Paradise.

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